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Wild Hunter in the Bush of the Ghosts

Amos Tutuola, edited by Bernth Lindfors
ISBN: 978-0-89410-452-7
1989/126 pages

"Bernth Lindfors ... [is] to be congratulated for recovering the Tutuola reader, forty years on, that early vivid freshness and raw intensity in this new edition of the author's first written work."—Derek Wright, CRNLE Reviews Journal

"A lively, colourful tale, unadulterated by any long-winded words or pretentious ideas. The story is told as if it were coming directly from the teller's mouth."—Mary Harper, West Africa


The manuscript for this novel, written in 1948, was hidden in a file in London for more than thirty years, until unearthed by Bernth Lindfors. The present edition of the book, its first publication other than a limited facsimile edition in 1982, incorporates minor revisions made by Tutuola during a visit to the United States in 1983, when he corrected obvious errors and restructured several passages.

The first long prose fiction written by a Nigerian author for publication in English, Wild Hunter is a classic example of Tutola's blend of Yoruba and Christian theology, local folkloric archetypes, and African oral tradition.


Amos Tutuola (1920-1997) is recognized as a founding father of 20th century Nigerian literature. Among his most celebrated novels, all written in his distinctive Yoruba-influenced version of English, is The Palm-Wine Drunkard (1952), also adapted into a play.